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Mission for Women+ in Technology at Rutgers

Our Mission Rutgers Women+ in IT’s mission is to empower women and underrepresented groups to reach their potential in all levels of their career. We strive to embrace diversity and to support learning and community through: Social, educational, and networking events with the Rutgers community and beyond with a focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI); Fostering coalition building, collaboration, and supportive … Read More

C4 Networking Session: Connect, Collaborate, and Create Change

RU—Women+ in Technology Group Presents: C4 Networking Session – Connect, Collaborate, and Create Change August 4 @ 2:00 pm – 3:15 pm The RU – Women+ in Technology group cordially invite you to attend a virtual networking event. Join us for an informal gathering to discuss: Life since we last met; COVID and your career; Much more! Note: A few prizes will be … Read More

Journey through the Decades – Video

Click to view video Presentation Learn about 3 different women and their educational and professional journeys in the technical fields, which started at various points from the ’70s to the ’90s. How did the challenges they faced, and the success they achieved, overlap and diverge? Join us as we hear their stories and learn from … Read More

The Lack of Diversity in STEM Stops With Us

The skillset of tomorrow’s leaders, our nation’s students, are currently taking shape, but there’s a major problem that’s setting them back: the lack of diversity in science, technology, engineering and math, better known as STEM. According to a UNESCO 2019 Women in Science report, women serve as only 29 percent of workers in research and development … Read More

Research Finds that Gender Gap Toward CS Remains

New research has found that female students are still skeptical about the merits of computer science education and show less interest than male students in learning CS or pursuing careers in the field.

Addressing the Underrepresentation of Women of Color in Tech

The Committee on Addressing the Underrepresentation of Women of Color in Tech is hosting the third of  four regional workshops to learn more about evidence-based, effective programs, models, and practices that academic institutions, employers, and individuals can implement to increase the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women of color in tech. This is a two-day … Read More

Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA) Women in IT (WIT) Virtual Event

Disruption is a constant presence in our lives and can stem from forces in our professional and personal worlds. On February 7, 2020, Rutgers’ Women in Technology group—in conjunction with peer institutions in the Big Ten Academic Alliance—hosted a virtual conference featuring seven dynamic women leaders in educational technology who discussed the ways that disruption … Read More

Has Coding Education Failed the Kids It Was Supposed to Help Most?

Despite our best intentions, education systems are simply not keeping pace with technological and societal change in the 21st century. As parents, educators and organizations, it’s time to reflect on how we’re preparing our kids for the future.

Katherine Johnson, famed NASA mathematician and inspiration for the film ‘Hidden Figures,’ is dead at 101

Without the precision of “human computer” Katherine Johnson, NASA’s storied history might’ve looked a lot different. Her calculations were responsible for safely rocketing men into space and securing the American lead in the space race against the Soviet Union. For almost her entire life, her seminal work in American space travel went unnoticed. Only recently … Read More

Leadership in a Culture of Constant Change

We are excited to announce the second annual BTAA WIT virtual conference, “Leadership in a Culture of Constant Change.” Last year’s conference, Lead from Where You Are, engaged more than 600 attendees: 331 unique log-ins and 275 face-to-face attendees at 28 “watch party” locations. Event details Date: Friday, February 7, 2020, 1-4PM Eastern/12-3PM Central via … Read More

Girls who Code

A college in New Jersey hosted 300-plus girls this week for an inaugural coding challenge. The New Jersey Institute of Technology invited in middle and high schoolers from 25 schools to participate in a first-ever coding-based competition. All are part of after-school “Girls Who Code” clubs. During the event, students presented their “impact projects,” projects … Read More

Discover E: Introduce a Girl to Engineering

Girl Day is a worldwide campaign to engage girls in engineering. Thousands of people–engineers, educators, and others–act as Role Models, facilitate engineering activities, and educate girls about how engineers change our world. Key findings from DiscoverE’s new report, Despite the Odds, found that this simple formula helps girls develop an interest in engineering, build their confidence in their … Read More

Girls Who Game Program Provides Access to STEM Opportunities

Microsoft and Dell Technologies are working together to encourage girls to become interested in STEM through an after-school pilot program. Girls Who Game teaches female students about coding and computational thinking using Minecraft: Education Edition. The pilot program is aiming to engage students in grades four to eight through learner-driven experiences and mentorship opportunities. By … Read More

Why We Need Best Friends at Work

I’m going to pose a question that is among the most controversial Gallup has asked in 30 years of employee engagement research:   “Do you have a best friend at work?”